"The internet is a dynamic and exciting environment. It has changed the way we communicate and the way we do business."

Shake Interactive was founded in 2005. We are a full service digital marketing company. Through ruthless optimisation, we increase the number of potential customers engaging with your brand.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing solutions for brands and businesses. We specialise in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Web Design and Development. Through both algorithmic and creative tactics we create websites that get found and websites that convert.

Show me the (meta) data - find out more about our services and how we shake.

To be found you must be visible

The internet is made up of billions of websites. How does yours get found...? Via search engines.

  • Search engines are the market makers of the internet.
  • Search engines connect your business with consumers.
  • Search engines decide who is the preferred organization, you or your competitor.

Shake on it

Because we understand the importance of search, we can guarantee results.

  1. We analyse your present state of traffic and conversion for your site – and then we increase it.
  2. We generate leads.
  3. We secure your place on the World Wide Web.
  4. We layer your websites content and structure so that it makes sense to the search engines.
  5. We create titillating copy too good for consumers to refuse.
  6. We lever your brands online presence.

The Shake network consists of 2 offices: the Edinburgh office and the Cape Town office. Our compliment is a select team of highly trained and skilled e-Marketers. As custodians of your brand, we push boundaries, drive results and build timeless digital assets.